Triangle of Life

Tiangle of Life is a mobile game that helps traumatized children to learn about positive ways of thinking. It makes the psychological therapy process fun and engaging.

My Role: Illustrator, UI Designer

The Challenge

Each year in the United States approximately five million children experience some form of traumatic experiences such as lose of families, sexual abuse, partner violence, etc. My Team Transcendence assisted the Allegheny Health Network by creating a game to augment their therapy for children. Our goal is to make a game that will teach those children about the Cognitive Triangle of thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, which is an important step in the therapy but too difficult for children to learn.

Design Process


After some research about children games and numerous team discussions, we decided to base the game around the story of animals’ chain reactions when they had negative attitudes. But we still need to find out what kind of gameplay we should use.  We wanted an engaging and addictive way for children to learn. Thus our first design started with an interactive story book.

Basic Mechanism & Wireframes


Art Direction

We got both our story and art style inspirations from the story book “Why mosquitoes buzz in people’s ears” . The unique Batik art style was applied especially to characters so they could pop out in the colorful background (Drawn by Hannah Turner).


As for the background design, according to the interviews and research, we realized dark colors and the color red might trigue children’s bad memories. So we tried to make them bright and warm (Pictures drawn by me).


UI Design

UI design is an important job. Since our target player is mainly 8-12 year-old girls, I made the game UI easy to follow.



Download and Play!

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