Sunny Side Up

Sunny Side Up is a mobile app that offers fresh, convenient, and affordable breakfast delivery to busy people.

My Role: UI Designer, UX Designer


Nowadays many professionals and students have so tight schedules that they have to skip breakfast in order to get enough sleep. However, it’s a commen sense that skipping breakfast can increase the risk of many health problems. On the other hand, even people notice the value of breakfast, there are limited options for people to get breakfast. Sunny Side Up is a mobile service that can help these busy people get fresh and affordable breakfast without a hassle.


User Research

We started our user research with 59 valid surveys and 11 in-person interviews asking people about their dining experience. We figured out many people nowadays ordered food and prefer having food delivered when busy, tired, or at work. People concerned about freshness, speed and cost most when thinking about having food delivered. An interesting fact is that breakfast delivery is an untapped market.

Next we brainstormed over 60 ideas and settled down with 7 polished ones. In our 24 rounds of speed dating experience (performing ideas live) people responded best to the breakfast concept. They were also willing to pay $3-$5 per use of service.


We also have six concierge services with potential customers to see what problems might show up in real life. From our observation and some afterwards feedback, we figured out the most customers wanted in-person delivery to drop-off and they also desired more menu options and variety.


Value Proposition

We provide the customer a simple and convenient way to order from a focused number of breakfast entrees and sides to solve their problem of ordering and deciding breakfast. Our service will provide restaurants with customers that they normally wouldn’t have due to travel time and distance. We will also share data analytics and customer ratings that our service collects with restaurants. Lastly, Munchkin will help restaurants reduce their cost on food delivery and promotion.

Value Proposition Final

Customer Journey Map

In order to better understand the interaction and service design of our app, we created a customer journey map to vasualize how exactly would our customers go through the entire service from start to end.


Wireframes & User Tests

We created wireframes to help us design interactions and screens that would be part of our service. We also held several user tests with 5 participants. Based on their feedback we were able iterate on our prototype.


Visual Language

Before we started to develop the hi-fidelity prototypes, we tried to establish the general look and feel of our app by creating a mood board. We also went through a lot of iterations to settle down our logo, which is a perfect match for our branding concept.

sunnysideup-visual language

Hi-fi Prototype


Pitch Video

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