Report Design

This is a layout design I made for a formal report. It helps different stakeholders understand a obscure concept in their own perspectives.

My Role: Solo Designer

The Challenge

In this project, we need to design the layout, information architecture, grid system, typography, images, color, and tone of voice for a formal report about industrial ecology . We also need to define our own audience by identifying at least 2 types of stakeholders and design the website homepage for them. The client I choose is Sony Computer Entertainment. The stakeholders are PlayStation 4 managers and their customers.


Design Challenge

Pencil Sketches

I first created the book map of this report as well as some infographic illustration sketches. Because I’m targeting at a game company, I feel the design should be a combition of fun and technology.


Digital layout

Then I started to design the basic layout of the report. I used five-column grid in the beginning and made each column really narrow. However, the design led to really low readability. My classmates even complained that they didn’t want to read at all. This made me decide to double the original column width.

report-digital layout

Color Design

My first color design used green as the primary color since I felt it’s a report about environmental protection. But after some research about the company I realizeI ignored the truth that Playstation uses blue as their branding color. I also found out the text in the origin design was so big that readers evern felt offended. It also lacked reading priority. So I made a lot of adjustment about color and text size. I also added some colorful headlines.


Cover Interations

Cover is a important part of any magzine/book desigg since it gives the readers first impressions. I want to make my design matching the topic about game consoles and envirnment protection. Besides it shoudn’t be really serious and I hope readers can feel how powerful they are if they can take actions. Below is the iterations:


Final Deliverables

Formal Report

report-deliverables1 report-deliverables2 report-deliverables3 report-deliverables4 report-deliverables5 report-deliverables6 report-deliverables7 report-deliverables8

Website Homepage


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