Magpie is a mobile app that helps ambulance attendants gain honor and recognition through anonymous thank-you notes from their patients

My Role: UI Designer

The Challenge

Do you know those “ambulance drivers” are actually licensed and accredited emergency medical technicians(EMT)? Do you know they are always being overloaded and misunderstood, eventually have to quit their job? The main purpose of this app is to make ambulance attendants’ lives better by increasing the tangibility and visibility of their emotional rewards.


The Process



Original Design & Feedback

After finishing the first prototype, we got a lot of feedback from our instructors and classmates. They liked the general idea. However, the design itself is cold and collecting thank-you notes from a map is not welcoming at all. This made us realize we were forcing users to do something.

New Interaction

Then we decided to redesign the interaction. After brainstorming, we found out all of us liked to collect cards when we were young and had the experience of  using shoe boxes to collect card. Thus here comes our new idea:


Final Deliverables


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