Cylopia is an Oculus Rift experience that enables people to experience the world of patients with eye disorders. It involves both virtual reality and augmented reality experiences.

My Role: UI Designer


Young medical students are getting colder as they become more acknowledged in their career. Our client, Doctor Hian from National University of Singapoore, wanted my team to create an experience which could enable people, especially medical and healthcare students to better understand the difficulty of people with eye disorders.


Ideation & Storyboard

We did a lot of research on various eye disorders. After several brainstorming sessions, we decided to have two different directions: one is virtual reality and the other one is augmented reality. Augmented reality can help people understand some small difficulties that patients might face while virtual reality can be more challenging. By drawing some storyboards and asking people to act them out, we were able to find out which scenario and its activity were impressive enough for players.(Sketches done by me)


Flow Map


UI Design

There three major problems during the visualization design process: First, what is the best interface design for Oculus Rift,3D or 2D? Second,what kind of style do medical students prefer for a serious game? Third, how to emphasize important information with so many things happening on the screen?

When talking about Oculus Rift UI, I would first think of Oculix — a product made by Netflix and Oculus Rift. However I decided to go with 2D design for the following reason


Then I created two totally different rough designs and let our play-testers choose their favorite one. From their feedback, we figured out that they wanted both a neat medical style and cool game features.


Because there is so much information on the interface, I need to choose appropriate colors and animation to highlight the most important part without breaking the harmony



cyclopia-final deliverables


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